Kim Gromoll

  1. Artist Statement

    In the world as we see it today, a delicate balance exists between what we consider nature and that which is interpreted as culture.

    Nature – at the roots of this phenomenon lies an intrinsic drive for growth, drawing strength from within itself, adhering solely to its own laws, it is the basis for all life.

    The cradle in which also we find our origin, from whom we've grown.

    Through the decades we have cultivated and shaped the world to our image, molding our surroundings to fit the human needs, changing the very notion of nature and how we relate to it. In doing so, a parallel process of transformation has also gradually shifted our own origin from a natural source towards a cultural identity.

    Nature, natural resources & processes and it's inherent aesthetics are now in service of maintaining modern-day society and its newly founded social structures on which we built our future.

    Our influence has such a strong hold on life and shifts in such a rapid pace as we strive towards ever increasing innovation and progression, that it has in turn caused nature to cling to new processes and solutions in reaction to the human factor. 

    Natural vitality shows itself in many ways ranging from microscopic life to global ecosystems, all with immense beauty. Everything that comes from nature does so with a specific function and in direct response to its environment, adapting it's form so that it may thrive. Blooming natural expressions of aesthetics on all sensory planes.

    In my artistic practice I'm in search of both this natural and sensory aesthetic.

    My artworks exist of minimal interventions in order to illuminate an aspect, display it in the most genuine manner, to show and experience nature for what it could be.

    Giving attention to just a small part, showing its fairness, vulnerability and beauty allows new insights and the opportunity to reevaluate our relationship with nature, our perspective on nature and possibly regain some appreciation for what it brings to the world.

    Especially in a time in which we might get to know other parts of this world and its nature solely through social media, I aim to personally visit as many places as possible, to research and collect things in situ. 

    Meeting people and natural environments abroad brings a physical and mental diversity to expand and develop my artistic practice and vision upon. 

    These travels offer a connection with both local nature and culture, strengthening my own bond to nature alongside the bonds of those whom I meet by questioning our collective and personal positions.

  2. Artist Biography

    While growing up Kim found herself with nature almost every day. Whether it was climbing in the walnut tree to look at the birds, discovering the piece of forest her grandparents had on their property or collecting gem stones. From a young age she was encouraged to explore her creativity through art courses and ceramic workshops. 

    At the age of seventeen, Kim became vegan which had a huge impact on how she experienced nature and the surrounding world. It underlined her unconscious desire and devotion to nature and made her even more passionate about it. After finishing an education as graphic design assistant, Kim moved to Maastricht (NL) in 2013 because of its beautiful historic city center while being just a bike ride away from nature. In 2015 she started her study of fine arts in Maastricht. While collecting things from nature constantly, she is in search of natural and sensory aesthetics and developed a way in her work to let people experience nature differently. She participated at the nomadic academy program in Senegal during the last year of her study where she could discover new parts of nature as well.

    Furthermore she has been part of the best graduates exhibition “Ernstig Geschikt 2019” in Arnhem (NL) and the “Sprouts Young Talents 2019” at Gallery SBK in Amsterdam (NL). She has won the Henriette Hustinx Award 2019 and was nominated for the SBK Sprouts Young Talents Award and the SBK Otto Hetterscheid Stimuleringsprijs. 

    Currently Kim lives and works in Maastricht but plans to travel abroad regularly in search of experiencing new and divers parts of the world.

  3. Kim Gromoll

    born in Cologne (GER)

    based in Maastricht (NL)

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