Kim Gromoll (b. 1994 in Cologne, Germany) is a visual artist based in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Since the moment of her graduation in 2019 she has been working together with nature by providing a podium that helped people to reconnect through multidisciplinary artworks, interactive installations and performances.

In 2020 when Covid hit she confronted herself with the fear of death that she carried with her since early childhood. Therefore Gromoll dove into subjects such as spirituality, quantum physics, quantum philosophy as well as near death experiences and spirit mediums. This broadened her perspective and changed her belief system on reality and life tremendously. Artworks that she created in that time (2020/ 2021) are moving within the topic of mortality, death & transformation. 

Since 2022 Gromolls awareness and practice started to shift once again towards an even more profound approach. The question of our fundamental nature and essence.