nox animae, tears & dust, April – June,  2022

nox animae

tears, dust, 2022

During an uncertain period of life, tears have been collected inside a glass petri dish.

Each tear holds onto information and emotion* of a specific moment and memory. Those emotions are now trapped inside the salt crystals that appeared after the tears have evaporated. A small universe of multiple starlike structures arised, full of energy that is no longer able to move. 

nox animae (lat.) stands for The dark night of the soul. An old term that describes a collapse of perceived meaning of one’s life or a deep process of inner change and transformation. A stage of personal development in which a person undergoes a significant and challenging transition to a deeper perception of life.

A painful shedding of concepts that may involve the previous identity, relationship, career, habits and belief system. 

This period described as ‘darkness’ means that one is situated in uncertainty before knowing who and what will be. Before new clarity and light emerges. 

*emotion = energy in motion