Kim Gromoll, 1994, Cologne (GER)


2015 – 2019
 Bachelor of Fine Arts – Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, (NL)

Projects & Exhibitions

 THE RAM’S HORN TRUMPET WILL SOUND AGAIN, Van Bommel van Dam Museum, Venlo (NL)

2021 Glasfestival, Glasrijk, Tubbergen (NL) 
Public moment, Destination Unknown, Tegelen (NL)

2021 Group exhibition, Premio Combat Prize, Museo G. Fattori, Livorno (IT) 
2021 Group exhibition, Loop naar de Maan, organised by Stichting Promotie Limburgse Kunstenaars, Maankwartier, Heerlen (NL)
Group exhibition, REA! Art Prize Winners exhibition, organized by Rea!, Milan (IT)
Group exhibition, Sprouts, curated by Harald Schole, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)

2021 Group exhibition, The Tiny Art Gallery, The Hague (NL) 

 Online project, A studio door is going to open, organized by The Artist and The Others (NL)
2020 REA! Art Fair, at Fabbrico del Vapore, organized by REA!, Milan (IT)
2020 OutsideIn – Urban Intervention/ Performance, organized by Dirk Großer, Dresden (GER)
2020 1 day 1 night public event, Outsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsidein, Torhaus Wehlen Gallery and surrounding nature, Saxon Switzerland (GER)
2020 Group exhibition, Limburg Biënnale, Marres, Maastricht (NL)
2020 Group exhibition, Apprentice Master Returns From The Web, organized by Kunstpodium T, at TAC, Eindhoven (NL)
2020 Limburg Film Festival, Venlo (NL)

2019/2020 Participating at Apprentice Master Project 2019/ 2020 at Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (NL)
2019 Best graduates exhibition, Sprouts Young Talents 2019, SBK, Amsterdam (NL)
2019 Best graduates exhibition, Ernstig Geschikt 2019, Studio Omstand, Arnhem (NL)
2019 Graduation exhibition, Hier Zouden Rozen Moeten Staan, MAFAD, Maastricht (NL)
2019 Nomadic Academy 3 Senegal, initiators Mique Eggermont & Karin Peulen, Dakar (SEN)
2019 Group Exhibition, to be knocked unconscious, or in more extreme cases, killed by fruit, curated by Joep Vossebeld, b32, Maastricht (NL)
2019 Workshop at ENCI with artist duo de onkruideniers , organized by Krien Klevis, Maastricht (NL)

 Museumnight Maastricht at Natural History Museum, Maastricht (NL)
2017 Project dot. + group exhibition at OHP, organized by Joep Caenen, Maastricht (NL)

Residencies & Grants
2022 Lampworking (Glass) Workshop by Anjo Brohm, Loulé (PT)
2021/2022 Stipendium for Emerging Artist,  Mondriaan Fund (NL)
2020 OUTSIDEININSIDEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSIDEIN, Torhaus Wehlen Gallery, Saxon Switzerland (GER)

Artist Talks / Presentations
 Artist Talk with Risja Steeghs, Keetje Mans & Laura Adams, ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond (NL)

Nomination, Premio Combat Prize, Livorno (IT)
Winner, Rea Art Prize, Milan (IT)
2019 Nomination, SBK Sprouts Young Talents Award, Amsterdam (NL)
2019 Nomination, SBK Otto Hetterscheid Stimuleringsprijs, Amsterdam (NL)
2019 Winner, Henriette Hustinx Award, Maastricht (NL)

Premio Combat Prize Catalogue, Livorno
2020 Rea Art Fair Exhibition Catalogue, Milan 
Ernstig Geschikt!, Studio Omstand, Arnhem
2019 SBK Sprouts Young Talents, Exhibition Catalogue, SBK Galerie, Amsterdam
2019 Hier zouden rozen moeten staan, Graduation Publication, MAFAD, Maastricht

Kindly supported by Mondriaan Fund in 2021/2022