newsprint paper 90mg, sugar, wheat, water, 2019
1. 112,5 x 114 cm
2. 82,5 x 133,5 cm (based on “veritas IV”)
3. 91 x 135 cm (based on “veritas VIII”)

Secluded from the city life ventilation pits gather layers of decaying leaves and other small debris swept around by the wind. Enlarged images of found matter depicting the essence of its surroundings were printed on very thin paper and soaked in a natural glue (water, sugar & flour). Being exhibited in these sheltered spaces caused an accelerated process of decay & consummation as the tiny inhabitants of this subsurface world feasted on the images. Slowly merging back into this very habitat a cycle is fulfilled.

Below you will find a different version of the work Habitat which was created during the Destination Unknown residency which took place in summer 2021 at the abandoned building of the former cigar factory Vossen-Breuers in Tegelen (NL).


An historic picture of the cigar factory was printed on posters, soaked in a natural glue and placed on an outside wall. Being exposed to the outside environment causes a process of decay and consummation as natural beings such as insects and mold feast on the images. Different stages of consumption may be observed on each print. Habitat combines the past & future of the Vossen Breuer’s building by reflecting upon the continuous present moment in relation to the process of decay.