The Enlightenment of Plant

Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag Baryta, Maplewood, glass, variable sizes, 2022 ongoing

The Enlightenment of Plant approaches life from a spiritual perspective and is in search for the source & essence of being.
Its primary focus is the soul, consciousness and inner beauty of a plant, its divinity, essence and wisdom.
Everything in nature and life can be seen as a mirror to our inner world. The outside as a reflection of the inside and vice versa.
The natural world guides us and as such, plants in all their shapes and sizes might act as teachers for our own lives.
As Jesus said “we should contemplate the flowers in order to learn from them how to live.” Like all lifeforms, Flowers are temporary forms of the underlying one life & one consciousness – the world of energy & frequency which is in a continuous transformational flow. They teach us attachment as well as impermanence. They are the invisible in form, the presence of life and of a living being. Eckhart Tolle states: “The Flower isn’t aware of its own beauty. Through you it gets a sense of self recognition and through the Flower you can recognize yourself in another being, through a different degree of consciousness.”

The Flower shows the highest expression of a plant before it gives birth to new seeds – potential for new life. It’s the most vulnerable but also the most authentic and loved part. The essence and soul of the plant. It’s the beauty of the Flower that shows us our own highest potential through the love and attraction that we feel towards it. We recognize a part of ourselves. A part that lies in our heart. A part that can’t be ruined by our mind. It’s the reason for our being. To express ourselves and to show and do what our heart desires in order to inspire others and guide each other to embrace the ocean of emotion.
The waters of the soul that need to flow in order to be alive and thrive. To feel, embrace, observe and accept all feelings in order to find their essence in love as a neutral and central state. To connect the feelings through love as their origin and to connect and accept each other in order for mother earth to reach a new level of conscious growth. To expand and birth even more through the love of being. Beauty as a guide that can be found in every situation and every emotion, leading us home into our heart.