Kim Gromoll is fascinated by the many layers and fundamental aspects that make up our existence and reality. In her artistic practice as well as in her personal life she is drawn towards the essence and divinity of life. The underlying true nature and origin of everyThing. She seeks connection to this essence through subjects such as Beauty, Time, Light, Matter and Love. Through her art she is able to express this search for understanding the world, in which she not only focuses on the physical, but also embraces the multidimensional and spiritual aspects of reality and nature. 

For Gromoll every physical thing and being is an expression of internal aspects and energies. One of those aspects is Beauty which cannot be measured, but merely be acknowledged and perceived as an expression in form and a reflection of essence. Beauty cannot be located within an object. It has a certain presence which encases an object, being, place or phenomenon with a thin but powerful veil that naturally attracts us. We can notice certain aspects of it with our senses, but the wholeness of Beauty can only be perceived beyond the 5 senses. With our whole being – body, spirit and soul. To perceive the world of formless energies, we have to become it. To shift our awareness from the physical into the nonphysical beingness. 

By presenting aspects, traces and objects of the universe in a new light, Gromoll aims to inspire and open a door inside each one of us, that guides us towards the nonphysical being that we are and that is able to perceive a greater reality.