Kim Gromoll is fascinated by the many layers and fundamental aspects that make up our existence and reality. In her artistic practice as well as in her personal life she is drawn towards the essence and divinity of life. The underlying true nature and origin of everyThing. She seeks connection to this essence through subjects such as beauty, time, light and matter. Even though we are using human terms that describe things that are beyond our comprehension, the following will be an attempt to indicate those subjects. 

Beauty as a universal quality cannot be measured in the realm of physicality. It can merely be acknowledged and perceived as an expression in form, a reflection of essence. That which is most pure and ultimately formless at its core. 

Time as a continued sequence and wave lets us experience three of the measurements of the third dimension. Past, Present & Future. Without Time duality would not be possible and we wouldn’t be able to create and manifest. Concepts of the human mind let us believe that time is responsible for the loss of beauty. Instead time shows us the beauty in every state of our physical being and in the flow of energy. Our inner essence & beauty originate from the timeless realms and as such are eternal. Change of Matter & Energy happens not because of time, but it can be experienced through Time & Space.

Light (and the speed of light) is the veil between the world of nothing and everything as well as between lower and higher frequencies. At the fundamental core of an atom there is nothing material. It is made up of Light Photons which are massless and pure energy. Which leads to the fact that what we perceive as matter is actually an illusion of energy and light. There is nothing physical. When we see matter  it is because light photons are reflected off the energy fields of atoms. They are reflected back from that energy that we are. That means that everything that we experience is a reflection of light, a reflection of formless energy fields. 

If we are identified with the material world we are less identified with our essence and body of light.

= letting light pass through, let our true nature, essence & beauty shine through. 

(german: Ausstrahlung, dutch: uitstraling) = emitting light

Matter, as mentioned above, is an illusion of light and energy. Each physical being or object can be seen as a reflection of an archetype from the formless realms. A bit of information that determines how nothing comes into being. Into somethingThe physical world is a place of change and transformation with forms shifting and (re)shaping. Partly through the environment they are in as well as simply through our intentions and thoughts, which is a prime example of formlessness as a part of our own being. 
The experience of non-form within the physical reality is an ongoing evolution that coincides with the expansion of human consciousness. We engage with for instance magnetic fields, light refraction or a play of shadow. Everything is at one moment or another in fluctuation between the realms of form and non-form. Also the elements fire, water, earth and air show us their dance between form and non form. Fire for instance is made of heat and light, disappearing when its energy moves on or gets disturbed. Water shifts from ice to liquid to gas back and forth. Salt as an earth element can disappear when it is dissolved in water as well as reappear newly structured when the water evaporates and air can for instance be experienced through our breath and the wind.