Body & Soul Portrait, himalaya salt, dichroic glass, 40 x 60 cm, 2022

Body & Soul Portrait

mineral salts, dichroic glass, variable sizes, 2022 ongoing research

Body & Soul Portrait is a series of works which explores the duality that arises when we try to define what makes us as individuals and living beings. A reference towards the undeniable connection & tension between the physical* body and the unseen which we may call the soul or spirit. A delicate play between the inside-outside of our existence is revealed and in a more broad sense we may glance at the world of form and nonform, and the energetical realms that bind all physicality together.

The works themselves consist of multiple layers and materials, each symbolizing different aspects within the greater whole of a complete being. The base is dichroic glass, which has the characteristic that it filters a specific color range as light passes through. The reflection and color that may still be seen is ment as a representation of our inner energy*, light & soul shining into the material world.

From here physical elements are added as one of the most tangible parts of nature. As such the use of mineral salts found its way into the portrait. Functioning as conductors of life, we could not exist without the processes they maintain within our physical form. 

During the creation of a portrait these parts are added together with water, which like in life, also plays a vital role here. It is a carrier of information between the realms and interacts with the salt by dissolving its original crystal formations. As the water slowly evaporates the salt is now given the opportunity to rearrange and reveal itself anew.

The patterns and crystal formations that follow have a deep connection to the essence of life and the universal laws. Not only may we recognize ourselves, but also other people, beings and a natural intelligence behind them. Tiny galaxies arise, resonating with both micro and macrocosmic appearances. The Body & Soul Portrait has the potential and opportunity to open a portal to the underlying origin of our self. To show us a reflection of the self in the light of a profound oneness. An invitation to reconsider our identification with the physical and getting acquainted with a deeper and more profound understanding of one and all. 

*energy = light

*physical world/body = a density in energy fields or a lowering in the frequency of light which appears as matter/ darkness/ solid