honey colorcode No. 13

Honey Landscape

upcoming project, 2022 ongoing

For the Honey Landscape I am currently building an extensive collection and archive of honey from dutch bees & their beekeepers. The aim is to reveal a hidden world of immeasurable value.
Each honey is cataloged and presented on the basis of its original location in The Netherlands, so that a reflection of the specific places and plants becomes visible. The collected honey will be shown as an abstract landscape of color as well as the crystallization of each honey. The work will reveal a new layer of reality and its own ‘landscape’. The Honey Landscape throughout The Netherlands will serve as a pioneer for future expansions and editions of Honey Landscapes within NL and other countries.

Down below you will find updates on the progress of the work in form of images. 

If you want to donate honey from your local beekeeper, please mention the following: 
location of the hive (city/village + province), type of honey, year of honey, your name and beekeepers association (if applicable) 

Pack the honey safely in newspaper, bubble wrap or other filling material in a box.

Send it to: Kim Gromoll, Dopplerdomein 8A, 6229GN Maastricht.  



mapping the honey